Ragnar Relay Series

Ragnar Relay Series is a series of long distance, team, overnight running relays that take place in the most breathtaking places in the world. Teams come together to conquer a course over two days and one night, and push their limits, on little amounts of sleep, with friends and a community of runners by their side.

The Ragnar experience is as competitive as you make it. Rally your team and battle the other teams in your division for the top ranking, or simply make it your goal to cross the finish line together! Ragnar is about coming together and accomplishing something we could never do alone. From an elite runner to the generally active individual, Ragnar is the perfect race for anyone.

Conquer 170-ish miles of road running with 10 friends and 2 vans during a Ragnar Relay, or camp with 8 friends and conquer a set of gritty trail running loops at a Ragnar Trail. 

UK Launch

Hailing originally from the U.S. Ragnar Relay Series is one of the worlds largest running events.

Grounded Events Company successfully staged the first ever UK and European Ragnar in the UK on September 23-24 2017: Reebok Ragnar White Cliffs.

Over 100 teams took past in running relay style from Maidstone to Dover to Brighton, over 176 miles throughout the day and night.

The 2018 event dates it yet to be announced.