For release: Tuesday 05 November 2013
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Release: 5 November 2013
A crucial adjustment to the Brighton Marathon course will mean faster times for next year’s event which is also doubling its prize money, organisers have announced.
The change in route comes as the field swings east along the coastal road where a hill on the Rottingdean loop has been taken out making the first half of the race faster than ever. The second half is already almost dead flat.
In 2013 the elite field inaugurated a fast flat start leading to new course records and this most recent adjustment further streamlines the route.
Since its first edition in 2010 course records have tumbled from 2:19:05 to 2:10:46 for the men and from 3:05:20 to 2:28:50 for the women.
The organisers of the race, Grounded Events, expect that the changes will bring the course record down still further to under 2:10.
The course records of 2:10:46 and 2:28:50 were both set this year by Kenyans Dominic Kangor and Eunice Kales.
“We’re constantly working hard to bring our race, in just four years already the best UK marathon outside London, closer to real world class,” said race Founder Tim Hutchings. “This route change might not be that important to the majority of our participants but it certainly is to the elite who cherish fast times. “Essentially, the course from 2014 onwards will not have one significant hill and is therefore close to being as good as it can get. What makes our race unique is still in place – the combination of huge crowds and the seaside backdrop – but what we can now boast as well, is a course that will facilitate optimal running conditions for runners of all abilities.”
Prize money has been substantially revised upward increasing the total open prize pot to $54,500 (£33,700) making Brighton the second most lucrative race after London.
Winnings for first place will double to $6000 for men and women - up from $3000 this year. A time under 2:09 for the men and 2:27 for the women will trigger an extra $8000 bonus.
Any UK male who succeeds in breaking 2:17 and any British female going under 2:36 will receive £1000.
The fifth edition of the race takes place Sunday 6 April.
The Brighton Marathon is an IAAF Bronze Label event. 
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